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Nuk High Performance Breast Pads 30pk

NUK High Performance Breast Pads are anatomically designed to fit your breast perfectly. They are virtually invisible and extremely absorbent due to a special inner layer with liquid retention. A breathable outer layer allows air to circulate, and extra-soft fleece ensures that the pads do not stick to the skin. 1. Extremely absorbent: maximum absorption capacity due to a special inner layer with liquid retention 2. Kind to skin: breathable outer layer ensures the circulation of air 3. Perfect fit: anatomically designed pad shape with increased diameter fits your breast perfectly and is virtually invisible 4. Soft: super-soft fleece does not stick to skin 5. Secure: NUK Adhesive Strips ensure a secure fit inside your bra

Features & details

  • Extremely absorbent with liquid retention
  • Designed to be a perfect fit
  • Kind to skin
  • Hygienically packed in individual bags
  • 30 pack

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