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Medela Milk Collection Shells

If you find you’re leaking breast milk from one breast as your baby feeds from the other, Medela milk collection shells can save this excess milk while you breastfeed.

At a glance

Flexibly adapt to the shape of the breast

Prevent wet patches, even during heavy milk flow

Soft silicone feels comfortable on delicate breast skin

Practical spout for easy emptying

BPA free

As you feed your baby, you may notice your other breast leaking milk. This type of leaking breast milk affects many mums – and some more than others!  milk collection shells can help.

How to use Medela milk collection shells

You’ll need to assemble the two parts of the milk collection shells before use, which is easy to do:

The soft, flexible silicone membrane is designed to be gentle on skin – place it on to the outer shell, snapping it all the way around.
Once assembled, place the milk collection shell inside your bra, with the membrane’s opening centred over your nipple.




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