Getting Ready For Your Baby- Shopping Baby And Maternity Essentials

The news that you are expecting a baby can be most exciting, and usually comes with a lot of mixed emotions, chief amongst them might be the joy of bringing a baby into the world. You may want to
start shopping for you and the baby immediately or you may want to pause and savour this remarkable change a little bit longer. Whatever you decide, it helps to plan ahead for the birth by buying most of the items baby and mum will need at a time when you feel most rested and strong. The pregnancy journey differs from woman to woman, for some it may be a near perfect experience with little or no morning sickness or any complications, for some others, it could be quite challenging, with morning sickness, work, or pregnancy discomforts. It is therefore important to
shop for your baby as early as your body permits.

When it comes to shopping for your baby during this period, it might help to categorise your list into seven broad areas of baby’s essentials, as follows:

Clothing: This will include onesies/sleep suits, bodysuits, baby joggers, baby vests, socks, booties, hats and mittens, burp cloths, bibs, sweaters, swaddles, shawls, reversible blankets/flannels, cot
blankets etc.

Bathing and Changing: baby bath, baby Bath stand (optional as some women prefer using the bath within the adult bath or sink or while seated. Bath stands will usually come in handy after a C-section), baby sponge, towels, wash cloths, changing mat(a portable one will usually come with the changing/diaper bag but you might want to get a bigger one for use at home), diapers, baby wipes, cotton wool, cotton buds, nappy rash protective ointment, petroleum jelly.

Cosmetics: baby lotion, wash(comes as tip2toe,bubble baths, bedtime baths etc.), shampoo, olive oil, powder, baby cologne (optional), oil, baby vapour rub, oil gel(locks in moisture longer).

Nursery: baby cot/crib, baby mobile bassinet, baby wardrobe/cabinet, nursery box, Humidifier, musical cot mobile, cot bumpers and a changing station.

Baby Gear/Out and About: swings/rockers, baby walker, car seat, back seat organizer, stroller, stroller mobile, Baby on board Sign, Car sun screen, Diaper Bag.

Baby feeding/ breast feeding: Breast pump(electric or manual), breast milk bottles, nipple cream, Feeding bottles, Extra teats, Sterilizer, Bottle brush, Baby spoons, Milk dispensers, Cereal pots, baby
feeding bowls, Baby /Toddlers training cups, Bottle cleansers, and a High Chair.

Baby playtime: Play Gym/mat, soft toys, toddler toys, Baby entertainment jumper, baby learn to sit seats etc.
And we haven’t forgotten mums to be! The following items are some of the essential items you might consider purchasing:

  • Nursing gowns
  • Sanitary pads
  • Disposable panties
  • Nipple cream
  • Breast pads (important to keep your clothing stain-free)
  • Pumping bra
  • A good quality nursing bra
  • Breast milk collectors

The above list is by no means exhaustive. We do hope you find this article helpful, as you get your home ready for your little bundle of joy! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: This blog is for opinion pieces only, based on the insights of an experienced mum, in collaboration with our in-house team, and does not offer any medical advice whatsoever.

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