5 Fascinating Facts About Your July Baby

Summer babies are already doing quite well. There will be plenty of sunshine, and they won’t have to worry about significant holidays interfering with their birthday celebrations. On the other hand, July newborns are especially fortunate. According to some research, July babies may be at an advantage over the rest of us because the increased sunlight during the first few months of life helps them produce more vitamin D, which promotes healthier and taller development. Here are a few more intriguing details about your July cutie…

July babies tend to have great self-control.

A recent study found that July babies have the strongest emotional self-regulation skills, including the capacity to control their rage about things like losing a game or having their item taken away. Sure, you’ll have to deal with the toddler stage, but, hopefully, it won’t be as difficult for parents of babies born in July.

July babies have two flowers.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the larkspur and the water lily are two special birth flowers that July babies might enjoy for their beauty and scent. The larkspur is thought to stand for the bonds of love, and each color of larkspur has a special significance. For instance, pink symbolizes changeability whereas white represents joy. Blue is the color of grace, whereas purple is the color of first love. The second birth flower, the water lily, is thought to represent majesty and purity.

More left-handed people are born in July.

One study found that when your child paints her first masterpiece, she is more likely to use her left hand. According to research, babies born in July have a much higher chance of being left-handed from birth. This situation fits the adage “Lefties: in high demand but limited supply.”

July newborns are among some incredibly great individuals.

Do you know someone who was born in July among your friends or family? That’s okay; your adorable ball of sunshine is still in good company. Your child has a birthday with Liv Tyler, Kevin Hart, Olivia Munn, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, and even Princess Anna herself, Kristen Bell.

They are as sunny as their birth month.

When it comes to how people change and develop over time, science has a lot to say. In one study, researchers found a connection between children born in July and their later perspectives on life.. It turns out that July babies are more likely to have “sunny dispositions” and have a lesser likelihood of developing adult mood disorders like depression.


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