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Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti Colic Newborn starter Kit -pink

Newborn starter set includes – 4 advanced anti-colic baby bottles, 1 0-6m soother, 2 medium flow advanced anti-colic teats and 1 bottle and teat brush
Proven to reduce colic* – 80% of mums who tested agreed the bottle had successfully reduced their baby’s colic symptoms
Breast like – award-winning breast-like teat for natural latch
Anti-colic – anti-colic tube draws air away from milk to reduce colic symptoms for less wind, less reflux and less discomfort
Heat sensing technology – heat sensing technology turns tube pink when baby’s feed is too hot



A baby with colic is no fun for anyone. tommee tippee advanced anti-colic bottles are specially designed to prevent colic by reducing air bubbles in the milk and to encourage a good latch-on during feeding. meaning 80% fewer colic symptoms* such as wind, reflux and fussing. and 100% more smiles. this is no ordinary bottle. it works a little differently from regular bottles to help combat colic while ensuring a comfortable feeding experience for you and your baby. the unique anti-colic venting system draws air away from milk. plus, our venting tube comes with a built-in heat sensing strip that gives you extra reassurance that milk is not too hot for a comfortable feed. and the anti-colic teat flexes and stretches naturally to ensure a good latch. our bottles are inspired by what babies love most: mum. with the most breast-like teat ever made, this baby bottle flexes like mum and feels like mum because babies prefer it that way.


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