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Bibado Magical Unicorn Coverall Weaning Bibs

The only bib that will keep save your Little One’s clothes from messy mealtimes! Invented by a mum of twins to make parents lives everywhere that bit easier. Customers estimate BIBaDO saves them 20-30 minutes per day in reduced washing, changing and cleaning! Made from a specialised PU coated Polyester, BIBaDO is totally waterproof and highly stain resistant. It is also lightweight and soft, so comfortable for your little one to wear. Both the neck and the sleeves are highly adjustable, so this is the only bib you will need for the entire weaning process. BIBaDO is also great for eating out – it folds down into a handy internal pocket to keep the mess contained!

Features & details

  • Protect your babies clothing against food and juice stains
  • Made from extra-soft waterproof polyester material
  • Easily fits on to most highchairs
  • Adjustable sleeves and neck designed to fit 6-36 months




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